Temporary Staffing

REOD is aware of the fact that the needs and talents in industry are constantly changing. Today, people face lower unemployment rates, and the labor market is becoming much more competitive. Highly skilled workers are in demand, and in the construction industry, some skill sets are hard to find. At REOD Construction and Facilities Maintenance, LLC, we understand that success in today’s competitive employment environment hinges on a company's ability to get the best talent, while matching the right skills to a particular job, when and where employees are needed. It is important to make the right decisions on what talent to access, enlist and shape for every construction focused business—regardless of its size or complexity. 

REOD knows more than ever, that businesses need a trusted partner to take a proactive approach to managing workforce needs. When placing your trust in REOD your company is making a commitment to an organization that has the resources and expertise to provide solutions that can drive the right outcomes for your organization and enhance your competitive advantage.

As an employment partner, we are able to work freely in the creation of flexible workforce solutions to help solve any staffing situation.

Our staffing solutions include:

Temporary:  The concept of adding staff when you need them to meet your company demands is becoming a more valuable part of business and organizational operations. This is why REOD stand ready, and willing to provide you with the most timely and effective services to meet your particular staffing needs. Some of the services include, but re not limited to: 

Temporary Hire: Finding employees who are a good fit for your particular organization before you make the final hiring decision.

Direct Placement: Rely on REOD's network of specialized candidates to fit all levels and roles within your organization. We take the guesswork out of selecting the best candidate for the positions you want to have filled.

Project Staffing: When your company has a need for filling a number of positions for specialized projects, REOD can help you sources out any number of personnel to fill your request.

On-Site Management: One our our premier services is the REOD on-site management solution that provides your company with the resources, talent, and expertise to ensure high level performance of large-scale temporary workforce throughout any sized company.

Permanent Hires: It is increasingly more difficult to find employees who sense the need to be committed to an organization. While there is no guarantee that recruited employees will follow through with their commitment, we do our best to screen the most qualified applicants for your organization so they will be just the right fit.

Payroll Services: REOD specializes in proven administrative payroll systems to help with deductions, insurance, workers' compensation, and more.

Staffing Augmentation: As an outsourcing strategy REOD can help analyze project needs and provide staff for a project, which is responsive to a business' goals and objectives. By contracting with REOD, your company allows us to evaluate your existing, staff and then, determine how to add the needed additional skills. There is a real advantage in this approach for the company because it leverages existing resources as well as utilizing outsourced services and contract workers to fit project goals.

Whatever your temporary needs are, we are sure REOD has the solution to fit your particular needs.