REOD is the ideal selection as your General Contractor – Or partner, for your next project.

REOD staff is inclusive of Engineers, Licensed General Contractors, Electricians, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Skilled Tradesmen. We have many years of experience in all areas of construction. Further, we have a full complement of qualified sub-contractors to compliment our in-house capabilities, which enables us to meet all contract requirements.

REOD offers your project the benefits of Quality, Cost Competitiveness, and the experience of a proven contractor.

REOD is a fully qualified Minority Owned Firm. Our capabilities include all aspects of Construction Services & Facilities Maintenance. REOD provides engineers, licensed contractors, electricians, plumbers, construction managers, professionals, and skilled tradesmen, experienced in each area of construction which will be required for success within the scope of services. REOD has received exemplary reviews in performance, cost controls, quality workmanship and timelines.

Our History

Throughout our history, we have met each contract budget, schedule and performance requirement for every contract.

At REOD, we’ve made our name through comprehensive management controls, highly competitive pricing, and our bottom line commitment to quality. Our project management approach is designed to exceed the outcomes that all project stakeholders expect, while controlling costs, ensuring quality, and the completion of projects on time.