• Flexibility.  REOD’s unique Construction Integration Service concept allows our clients to create cost-effective customized solutions.  Through flexibility in selection, acquisition, configuration, and management strategies, we develop partnerships with our client’s internal resources.  Our clients receive only those services they actually need, providing a balance between internal capability and external economy and expertise.

  • Independence.   We are completely unbiased regarding the aggregators, manufacturers or carriers from whom our clients choose to buy.  Our goal is to create individualized solutions that are predicated on each client’s unique business drivers.

Our Approach

  • Experience.  REOD employs a team with years of experience and expertise in construction strategic planning, assessments, budgeting and solutions recommendation. Our team has undergone extensive technical training in many areas of today’s construction area. REOD commitment to quality and excellence is supported by an emphasis on continuing education and training. Keeping current with technological advancements in the construction  industry is vital to the delivery of quality designs and solutions for our clients.

REOD bring practical experience to the marketplace through its core competencies in planning, creating, implementing, and managing high-tech customer solutions. The basic foundation of those solutions include: